Affiliation programs

Joint Initiatives

Affiliation Programs

Affiliation programs can be started at national and international level with the involvement of stakeholders both from Industry and Academia.

  • Joint Research Projects
  • Joint Initiatives
  • Joint Publications
  • Joint Seminars
  • Joint Conferences
  • Joint Training’s
  • Joint Consultancy Work
  • Joint Book Writings
  • Webinars
  • Online Skype sessions
  • Crashes courses teaching

News & Events

Annual Lawyers Conference at Kuala Lumpur 2017

CNW Associates is organizing its 19th Global Conference by gathering global lawyers and consultants together at Kuala Lumpur as usual. Please mark your schedule for Nov. 14 to 16 2017, details will be updated soon with agenda items. For basic details, please communicate

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Geo Trans

The global economic system is thus characterized by a growing level of integrated services, finance, retail, manufacturing and nonetheless distribution, which in turn is mainly the outcome of improved transport and logistics, a more efficient exploitation of regional comparative advantages and a transactional environment supportive of the legal and financial complexities of global trade.

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