Working procedure

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Working procedure

We are listing out some rules for mutual benefit and convenience of network and members.

Rule 1

To support and develop business and maintain friendly relationship with fellow CNW partners worldwide in priority to the best being member in CNW Associates.

Rule 2

All CNW members are as a default to be present in CNW conferences held in any neutral location. The general meeting will be held each year, while the admin will make a recommendation on the venue and date. All Members will be given the opportunity of hosting a general meeting in the country/area where their company is located. All Members present at the meeting will vote to decide the next year’s venue.

Rule 3

All members must promote the Association concept and be willing to co-operate with the total membership. CNW is more particular to develop the traffic between each member in extended way for a healthy business relationship.

Rule 4

Must support each other in prompt manner to the fellow partners with in the network as well as CNW Management.

Rule 5

Members receiving messages and information from other members should acknowledge immediately upon receipt and advise the originating member the outcome and results within a reasonable time.

Rule 6

The financial issues needs to be addressed through a mutual but legal agreement, need to signed and notarized in all the best means. Do advise if you need any support from our legal unit for the draft or legalization of any agreements / contracts or MOUs.

Rule 7

CNW is registered with authorized bad debts collector agent who will assist us during the time of bad debts. If the payment is unable to secure by the bad debtors then the liable member will be listed in the bad debt lists.

Rule 8

All CNW members representing in each country to be properly staffed with highest level of services, with proper licensing, and technology to perform all aspects of dealings and services.

Rule 9

As a member of CNW, we expect the entire CNW member to abide by the above business ethics, rules and practices in all dealings with other CNW members.

Rule 10

Please ask the fellow member the procedure and requirement if you want to do any business with another country member first time.

Rule 11

Get the acknowledgment and clear understand on each point before going to start any moves.

Rule 12

Keep a track record of any job (s) for any later reference, so that you may be able to refer concern communication and understanding to avoid any later issues.

Rule 13

You may collect the Skype /MSN/Tel/Fax/Mobile details from your counterpart at other side which is useful during emergency.

News & Events

Annual Lawyers Conference at Kuala Lumpur 2017

CNW Associates is organizing its 19th Global Conference by gathering global lawyers and consultants together at Kuala Lumpur as usual. Please mark your schedule for Nov. 14 to 16 2017, details will be updated soon with agenda items. For basic details, please communicate

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