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Over the years, CNW Associates has earned the reputation of providing personalized services on the globe through our professional team at major trade area of the world, we are not limited to our members only but those who are still not enrolled as members are keeping with a regular support from our professionals, case to case basis.

At CNW R&D we are always available to make true connections on the globe. We maintained our front office team to meet the needs of our customers by giving a solution to keep everyone, inclusive of our team across the table, so this is an advantage of our association that the whole global team is always available FACE to FACE, in-order to ensure mutual Trust and understanding for our mutual goals.

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Our system is unique and integrated, through experienced management, equipped with most modern techniques, these things are making us a true model, which is bringing together, many professional organizations in trade and transport for their Infrastructure developments and consultancy services are combined with our solicitor and system development status.–

CNW Global expertise offers solutions in all the aspects in networking, operations, management reporting systems and day to day quality control issues. Ultimately our system is giving a driving efficiency and financial returns to our customers on their targeted time. More…

world´s largest organization

No one offers the range and scale of benefits like us. Highest range of cargo companies, revenues than multinational freight forwarders and traders.

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News & Events
Annual Lawyers Conference at Kuala Lumpur 2017

CNW Associates is organizing its 19th Global Conference by gathering global lawyers and consultants together at Kuala Lumpur as usual.

Please mark your schedule for Nov. 14 to 16 2017, details will be updated soon with agenda items. For basic details, please communicate Corporate-Solutions@cnwbusiness.com


Regular Annual conference, planned at Thailand during Oct. 2017, details coming soon. For basic details, please communicate Bridging-Edu@cnwbusiness.com


8th Annual Conference, planned at Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia during Feb. 2018, details coming soon. For basic details, please communicate bridginglogpro@cnwbusiness.com

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CNW Associates are one of the best source in World Trade.